Monday, December 7, 2009

Case Sheath Ferro Rod Modification

A while back I broke the saw blade on my Leatherman Blast and then the factory belt-case for it broke so I stopped carrying it and started carrying my Swiss Army Knife Camper (SAK).  I Use the saw a lot but I really missed having a pliers on hand.  Then the other day while working on the "Honey-Do" list I came across my 12 year old Leatherman Super Tool in an old brown after market belt sheath and I decided to start carrying that again.  As I strapped it on I got to thinking "Boy I carry A LOT of knives..." (adding the Super Tool put me up to 4. And so I decided to put the SAK in the drawer.  This raised the question of "What should I do with my ferro rod?".  It felt strange having it float around in my pocket all alone.  Then I noticed how my belt case for the super tool was a touch on the big side and had lots of extra leather.  So I grabbed my ever present Mora #2 and cut 2 slits into the side of the case and voila'!  A ferro loop!  Total cost to me? Nothing.  That I can afford.


Tim Noble said...

Nice trick. I'll have to remember that.

uharrieman said...

Do yourself a favor and put a piece of elastic cord in the lanyard hole of the rod. make it just long enough to stretch down and under the rod. You'll be glad you did.

Perkunas said...

Hey man.I copied this idea to my LM surge´s sheath,thanks for idea.

and then i got to think that why wouldnt i make firesteel holders for knive/multiplier sheaths too,since i do make them into my knife sheaths,so last night imade one sheath for type of multitool,with firesteel holder.

Anonymous said...

uharrieman, That is a brilliant idea. I'm on the prowl for some shock cord now.

Perkunas, I just saw your blog psting this morning. Beautiful work! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks. Great stuff. Keep up the good work. So which western were you watching?

Perkunas said...

It was this Mel Brooks one,"Maverick".

Well join to my few readers if you like to,id appreciate it.

I cant promise there will be anything so special,as its just about my thoughts and my outdoor activities,some handcrafts from time to time and such.