Monday, February 18, 2008

Carving my first spoon

Basswood Spoon
This is the first spoon that I have ever made. I made it for my wife tonight while she was at work. I carved it from piece of dry Basswood (Tilia americana) left over from making a bow-drill for a survival class I had taught a while back.

I started by splitting off a section from the large piece of wood that you can see my puukko’s stuck into. I used my larger puukko like a froe with and I used a piece of pine like a mallet to drive it through. Then I used the smaller puukko to rough out the spoons general shape. I carved the depression of the “business end” of the spoon with a hoof knife. I was very pleased with the way that it turned, but more importantly so was my wife!

The finale on the spoons handle is carved in the shape of a morel mushroom. It is a fitting totem because my wife is highly adept at finding the elusive fungus.


Fenlander said...

Hi Chris,

Have you made cordage from the inner bark of Basswood yet?

P.S. How's the Shrike research going?


Anonymous said...

I have made a lot of cordage from Basswood. I use it for the triggers of my Piaute deadfall traps.

The shrike research is done, and the program given. only 3 people showed up though!

Fenlander said...

Why not post it on your blog? Kevin

Anonymous said...

I'll try to take some pictures of a Paiute deadfall. That will kill to birds with one stone (if you use the correct bait). That was abad joke...